Average Cost of Bathroom Remodeling
and Renovation in Dubai (2024)


So basically the bathroom renovation in Dubai costs from 7k AED and goes up to 20k AED.

Cost is the primary concern of people when they think of renovating their bathroom. Projects often cost more than expected.

But well planned projects stay within budget. It doesn’t matter how big or small your remodeling budget is. The thumb rule is to always look at your options to see where you can save money.

Because remodeling brings with it plumbing and electrical work services as well. That’s why it’s necessary to fix your bathroom renovation budget.

Besides that you need careful planning, attention to detail, and an understanding of local regulations and standards. There are several factors to consider to ensure a successful bathroom remodeling.

This article talks about the cost of bathroom renovation in Dubai in detail. We will discuss everything from obtaining permissions, common modifications, cost considerations, to practical renovation tips.

Breakdown of Cost of Bathroom Renovation in Dubai

Renovating a bathroom in Dubai varies widely depending on the scope of the remodeling type, the materials used, and the complexity of the work.

Shower glass, linear grill, and rain shower: AED 5.5k - AED 7k

Shower glass, linear grill, and normal shower mixer: AED 4k - AED 5k

Demolition and Disposal of Construction Waste: AED 1k - AED 1.5k

Plastering (2.0m x 2.5m): AED 1k - AED 2k

Waterproofing using Mapei Compound: AED 1k

Tile Installation: AED 2k - AED 4k

Plumbing Work: AED 1.5k - AED 3k

Ceiling and Lighting Work: AED 1k - AED 2.5k

Cost Variations Based on Location

The cost of bathroom renovation in Dubai also varies with the locations. Upscale areas have higher renovation costs due to the demand for premium materials and finishes.

Standard Areas: AED 120 - AED 185 per square foot

Upscale Areas: AED 175 - AED 250 per square foot

Total Cost Estimate

As a result, bathroom renovation in Dubai costs a minimum of AED 9k and can go up to AED 20k. Note that this price is excluding materials.

The cost of tiles and sanitary ware starts from AED 4k to AED 20k. It can change depending on the brands and types chosen.

Essential Permissions and NOCs

One of the basic things to do when renovating a bathroom in Dubai is obtaining the necessary permissions and No Objection Certificates (NOCs). For apartment owners, this means getting approvals from the building management and the concerned authority for the community.

For example, in the Emaar Community, it is mandatory to obtain a NOC from both the building management and the neighbors. This is important because any civil work will generate noise.

Therefore, you need to inform your neighbors about your planned renovation in order to avoid future nuisance.

Modifications and Relocation of Existing Sanitary Ware

Modifying or relocating sanitary ware is more difficult in apartments than villas. The reason behind it is because the plumbing in apartments is often interconnected, with pipelines running through the floors of neighboring units. Any changes to the plumbing system affects the units above and below.

The first step usually involves removing old structures, which is noisy and takes 2-3 days. It's really important to get rid of the old materials properly to avoid getting in trouble.

You also need to work with the building management to follow the rules and get the right permissions. It's also important to be considerate of your neighbors.

Let them know in advance when the renovations will happen and take steps to keep the noise and dust to a minimum.

Here’s what you can do to fix this issue:

Replace your Bathtub with Standalone Shower

This is a popular trend in Dubai. It involves the replacement of your old-fashioned bathtubs with modern stand alone showers. This remodels your bathroom look and improves its functionality.

Replace your Rectangular Tiles with Large Tiles/Slabs

Large format tiles are increasingly popular due to their sleek appearance and ease of maintenance. They have fewer lines to clean. They also don’t crack easily unlike smaller tiles.

Replace Wash Basin and Shower Mixer with Concealed Mixer

Concealed mixers give modern bathrooms a clean and minimalist look. This makes them highly desirable today in modern bathrooms of Dubai.

Practical Tips for a Successful Bathroom Renovation

Here are ten actionable tips to make your bathroom renovation absolutely perfect.

Plan Thoroughly

Before you start renovating, create a detailed plan that includes accurate measurements, estimated costs, and design ideas. This helps you avoid unexpected surprises and ensures that you have all necessary supplies on hand.

Choose the Right Materials

Bathrooms are subjected to high moisture levels and rapid temperature changes. You must choose materials that are specifically designed for the bathroom. Also avoid using warping or mildew. This includes moisture-resistant flooring, walls, and vanities.

Be Honest About Your Budget

You must set a realistic budget and stick to it. Simply allocate an additional 15-20% for unexpected expenses to avoid financial stress. Remember, trying to save time and money by taking shortcuts can lead to bad results and higher expenses in the long term.

Optimize Storage

You need to maximize the use of space by reducing the number of items stored in the bathroom. It’s better to only keep essential items and store extra towels, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper in adjacent closets.

Consider Ceiling Height

If you raise the ceiling, it visually expands the space. So do it and also replace heavy crown molding with thinner molding painted to match the ceiling. This creates an illusion of height and makes the room feel more spacious.

Hire a Specialist

Always engage a specialist with expertise in bathroom renovations. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their experience. An expert will help you make informed decisions, ensuring a high-quality result. Contact Fajr Interiors if you want perfect bathroom renovation in Dubai in 2024.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation prevents mold growth. Therefore, you must install a high-quality exhaust fan to maintain a dry environment between uses. Place a fan near the window to blow air outside. It will remove virus particles from your home. But point fans away from people.

Test for Leaks

Before laying floor tiles, conduct leak testing. Temporarily block all drainage connections, fill the bathroom with water, and leave it for a day or two. This helps with the fact that there should be no leaks before proceeding with the renovation.

Get a Warranty

Make sure that the contractor provides a warranty for their work. This covers any risks and issues that may arise after the renovation is finished. If the bathroom does not leak within four weeks, it means it won’t leak in the near future as well.

Upgrade Plumbing and Electrical Systems

When renovating, it’s better if you upgrade the plumbing and electrical systems to modern standards. This helps you prevent future issues and ensure your bathroom functions efficiently long after the renovation is done.


Renovating a bathroom in Dubai requires you to carefully consider a lot of things. From obtaining necessary permissions like NOCs to choosing the right materials, managing costs and selecting the right service provider.

Fajr Interior is a renovation company in Dubai that you can hire to renovate your bathroom in 2024. They comply with all the necessary requirements needed in bathroom renovation that we discussed above in the article.

So by following these tips and guidelines outlined in this article, they help apartment owners with getting a perfect bathroom remodeling that enhances its functionality and aesthetics.

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