The Impact of Office Layout
on Employee Productivity



A workspace’s physical layout creates a big impact on the overall performance of the company as well as the output and well-being of the employees.

Office layout productivity in Dubai is an aspect that impacts employees’ performance within the workplace.

In the cutthroat business atmosphere, office space design matters the most for many reasons.

In this blog, we will explore the relationship between office design and workplace productivity.

It is not a new aspect that people find relations between production and employee efficiency.

However, employee expectations and work dynamics have become more important in this digital age, today.

Open Plan vs Closed Offices

While thinking of what your office space should look like, the first thing to consider is what works well for your organization.

While considering open vs. closed offices, first think about how your employees will adjust according to the situation.

Are they willing to adjust according to the situation or not?

You have to consider office layout for employee productivity in Dubai, as one of the options.

The role of an employee is and the needs of your company cannot be undermined.

In an open-plan space, flexibility and collaboration are important while working.

On the other hand, a closed office space has a greater need for privacy and extra focus to ensure their work gets completed.

What are Open and Closed Offices?

Open Office

In an open-plan office, office layout for employee productivity in Dubai has a crucial role to play.

In this type of environment, employees sit in small separators or partitions closer to one another.

Here employees can congregate in a breakout seating environment, besides couches and open kitchen areas.

For small businesses and start-ups, this model of work seems to be very popular.

Here the focus is towards keeping the budget low per employee according to physical office space.

It is easier to accomplish cross-team collaboration in such types of settings.

Pros of Open-Plan Office

Flexible and Customizable

Having an open-plan office layout is easy to arrange, while your organization continues to grow.

Hence the reason why small businesses and start-ups prefer using it over other alternatives.

They have witnessed positive changes and accelerated growth in the respective structures of their organizations.

Furthermore, this type of office layout is also essential for employee productivity in Dubai.

Cost-effective and Cheaper

Another major advantage of this type of office layout for employee productivity in Dubai is that it is cost-effective and cheaper.

Rather than focusing on furnishing cubicles and separate offices, it gives employees a space to work in an organized way.

Furthermore, it is a way of fitting in more employees and letting them invest more in open-plan spaces.

These include breaking soft seating areas and rooms.

Collaborate and Communicate Better with Diverse Teams

Carrying out office renovation in Dubai can do wonders.

By grouping stations together and breaking down the walls, individuals and teams can communicate with one another with ease.

As a team member, you can seek feedback from colleagues or teams by sitting together.

This way it is easy to share information and collaborate on the projects at the same time.

An open-plan space also brings many opportunities to build stronger relationships between the employees.

Furthermore, it also helps in creating a better sense of community, thanks to the office layout for employee productivity in Dubai.

Cons of Open Office

Can be distracting and noisy

It is undeniable that an open-plan space is essential as an office layout for employee productivity in Dubai.

But, that being said, one of the biggest drawbacks of it is that it can turn into a noisy atmosphere in no time.

Let us say when an accounting professional is forced to sit with the sales team.

The accounting professional will be the one to suffer, as the team next to him cannot operate quietly.

When you are listening to what others have to say or when a colleague asks you a question, then distraction is inevitable.

Lack of privacy

Another drawback of using open-plan space in an organization is that it is a way to invade the privacy of a fellow employee.

Hence, while it is considered as the ideal office layout for employee productivity in Dubai, it also brings worry to employees who do not like being watched continuously.

Furthermore, introverted employees who used to work from home during pandemic days, also have difficulty adjusting to the situation.

Closed Offices

As compared to an open-plan office, a closed office offers extra privacy and space to individuals and teams.

For creating a separate space in the office, the management makes use of fixed walls or screens.

This type of office layout for employee productivity in Dubai brings different working conditions and environment, this is perceived as the more traditional one.

Pros of Closed Office

Personalization and Storage

A closed office is another type of office layout paving the way for employee productivity in Dubai.

It allows the employees to have overhead bins and drawers for personal purposes and for storing items.

To ensure the employees remain comfortable within their workspace, these also include personalization facilities.

An employee can keep their cellphones, ornaments, and family photos while at work.


As compared to open-plan offices, Closed offices ensure employees are focused on their work.

This type of office layout helps in boosting employee productivity in Dubai.

The closed offices have doors and walls, so the employees do not get disturbed as a result of outside interference.

No one is allowed to ask questions or come to the desk without prior approval.

Hence, the employees when assigned the work can work with full focus.

They do not have any fear of getting hindered by any of their fellow colleagues.

Cons of a Closed Office


As compared to open-plan offices, closed offices seem more expensive.

They need more furniture and space per employee to fill up the space.

This is where it is not beneficial to use office layouts to boost employee productivity in Dubai.


To ensure designing office layouts that boost employee productivity in Dubai one should first consider what works and what does not.

Regardless of whether you choose a closed office or an open one, consider whether your employees are comfortable with it or not.

Furthermore, it is also important to consider the pros and cons of both types of workplace settings.

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