The Average Price Charged by Top
Interior Design Agencies in Dubai

The Average Price Charged by Top Interior Design Agencies in Dubai

Dubai is a deluxe and lively city where the contemporary meets the conventional. Top Interior Design Agencies in Dubai offer the kind of work that takes the art of interior design to a whole new level, but they charge accordingly.

Clients in this city want their interiors to look gorgeous and peaceful yet be functional and are usually willing to pay higher prices for quality work. This blog can help you if you are thinking about designing your home or office’s interior and want to know about the pricing of interior design services in Dubai.

We will discuss the average costs of interior design services in Dubai. Let's dive in:

The Average Price Charged by The Top Interior Design Agencies in Dubai

It's hard to tell a precise price range for interior design services in Dubai due to the diverse aspects that affect them.

However, we may offer some average costs depending on the scope and kind of services to provide a rough idea.

Residential Projects

Designers tend to cost you depending on the property’s area, the number of rooms and the design’s intricacy. For interior design jobs for a home, Dubai’s interior design agencies often demand between AED 75 to AED 400 per square foot, based on the service’s complexity and the design company’s credibility and experience.

The total price for residential projects may range between AED 10,000 to AED 50,000 or higher for smaller homes or villas. Expensive or lavish projects may exceed even this figure.

Commercial Projects

These projects are usually more complicated and larger in scope. For commercial projects such as offices, retail shops or hospitality facilities, designers may command between AED 100 to AED 500 per unit area, depending on the design job’s extent, size and the company’s experience.

Fees may change substantially depending on the total area and particular needs of the project. The total price for a commercial project can begin from AED 20,000 and may soar based on the complexity and size.

Consultation Services

Various top interior design agencies in Dubai provide initial consultancy services where they hear the customer’s ideas, discuss their expectations, and supply an initial design course. The consultations may be free or cost a couple of hundred Emirati Dirhams.

Furnishings and Personalizations

Tailored furniture, expensive materials and fixtures may significantly boost the total prices. Some design companies demand a percentage of the overall project’s cost as their charges, which may be 10%, 20% or more.

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey solutions where the designer manages every aspect from design to implementation, involving project handling and acquisition, may command more money because of the extensive services supplied.

Skills and Credibility

Recognized interior design firms in Dubai can command higher prices because of their experience and brand name.

Extra Jobs

Top Interior Design Agencies in Dubai can provide extra services like project handling, 3D visualization and design documentation. These services may increase the total price.

Factors Determining The Cost Charged by Top Interior Design Agencies in Dubai

Project Size

The scope of the job needed contributes substantially to the costs. It involves whether it's a full revamp or a particular space’s makeover, the intricacy of the design modifications and the number of rooms.

Area of the Property

The size of the space being designed plays a direct role. Units with larger areas tend to require more furnishings, materials and effort, which may boost the total cost.

Extent of Customization

Highly tailored components like bespoke furniture, distinct fixtures and built-in shelves are generally pricier compared to regular ones.

Finishes and Materials

The type of materials, quality of products and finishes utilized in the project substantially influence the price. Top-quality materials and finishes can lead to higher charges.

Workforce and Labor

The labour expenses for building, installation and other jobs are a big component of the pricing. Expert resources and particular trades can ask for more charges.

Design Intricacy

Complex styles, fine details, and elaborate outlines ask for more work and time from the designers and may heighten the price.


The expense of living and availability of services, and materials may change based on the property’s location. Large city centres could have higher prices than rural or suburban neighbourhoods.

Furnishings and Furniture

The costs and quality of furniture, textiles, lighting, and accessories can increase the overall pricing of the design project depending on the quality, brand, and design choices.

Project Timeline

The deadline to finish the task may influence prices. Urgent projects or those with smaller timeframes could need extra resources, leading to higher costs.

Specific Requirements

If the design job includes distinct features such as audiovisual systems, smart home technology or specific lighting, these may boost the total charges.

Professional and Consultation Charges

Architects, interior designers and other experts involved in the project command prices depending on their skills and credibility.

Unexpected Challenges

Unplanned problems or modifications during the project may add up quickly to boost costs like concealed structural issues or changes demanded by the customer.

Approvals and Permits

Based on the extent of the project, the client may need to acquire authorizations and permits from the local government. It may increase the prices due to possible changes and application charges to match standards.


Note that the figures given in this blog are rough estimates and may vary widely. It's crucial to contact particular interior design companies to obtain the newest and most accurate costs as per your work’s requirements.

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