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Fajr Interior is a dependable Interior fit-out company in Dubai. We transform spaces with innovative designs that reflect your brand, ensuring quality and style in every project for impactful environments.




Client Brief:
Customized Fit out Solutions

Customized Fitout Solutions

At Fajr Interiors, our services begin with clients and are designed to offer personalized and innovative fit-out solutions that align seamlessly with your unique needs and aspirations. During this collaborative phase, we engage closely with our clients to explore the vast possibilities of enhancing their spaces. We specialize in tailoring fit out projects with a focus on integrating cutting-edge features such as personalized automation systems, smart lighting, ergonomic furniture, acoustic solutions, CCTV installations, and sophisticated access control systems.

As an Interior fit-out company in Dubai, our commitment to understanding your vision is paramount. We go beyond conventional design discussions, delving into the specific requirements and preferences that will shape the character of your space. By actively involving our clients in the decision-making process, we ensure that the final fit-out not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

Through this detailed Client Brief service, we aim to create a collaborative environment where your ideas blend seamlessly with our expertise. Whether you seek a vibrant and dynamic workspace or a serene and sophisticated ambiance, our team is dedicated to translating your vision into a tangible and functional reality.

Customized Fitout Solutions

Embark on a journey of personalized fit out excellence with Fajr Interiors. Enlist you as your trusted partner for an Interior fit-out company in Dubai to initiate your fit-out project, and let's transform your space into a unique and tailored environment that reflects your brand identity and meets the diverse needs of your team. Explore Our Services for a comprehensive overview, including detailed design packages and Value Added Services tailored to elevate your space.


Site Survey:
Precision Integration Planning

Precision Integration Planning

As Staller, an Interior company in Dubai, our team conducts a comprehensive site evaluation, meticulously examining the feasibility of incorporating advanced features and technologies. This phase includes:

  • Infrastructure Feasibility Assessment: A thorough examination of your current infrastructure to identify opportunities and challenges for seamless integration.
  • Integrated Solutions Planning: Strategic planning tailored to seamlessly incorporate Value Added Services, enhancing your workspace functionality.
  • Technical Compatibility Checks: Rigorous assessments to guarantee the technical soundness and efficiency of integrated solutions.

The result is a detailed roadmap that optimizes the incorporation of innovative features, setting the stage for a successful fit-out project.


Strategic Space Planning:
Elevating Work Environments with Precision


In the intricate realm of office Interior fit out company Dubai, our Strategic Space Planning service stands as a cornerstone, ensuring that every inch of your workspace is optimized for efficiency and aesthetic appeal. This comprehensive phase encompasses:

  • Cubicle Configuration: Precisely determining the number and layout of cubicles, aligning with varying sizes and functions to optimize workspace efficiency.
  • Workstation Allocation: Strategically placing workstations while considering factors such as openness, privacy, and functional areas, ensuring a conducive work environment.
  • Meeting Rooms and Boardrooms: Thoughtfully deciding on the quantity and dimensions of meeting rooms and boardrooms, tailoring them to accommodate diverse needs.
  • Breakout and Recreational Zones: Designing inviting breakout and recreational areas, fostering a positive environment for office staff to unwind and rejuvenate.
  • Dining and Kitchen Spaces: Ensuring the seamless integration of dining and kitchen areas, providing functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for communal activities.
  • Sound-Sensitive Areas: Incorporating specialized acoustic glass systems, sound-absorbing materials, and phone booths for privacy, ensuring an acoustically pleasant workspace.
  • Entrance Placement and Reception Design: Strategically determining the location of the office entrance and crafting a reception area that seamlessly blends form and function.

This meticulous planning of interior fit-out designers ensures that your office space is not just a physical environment but a well-thought-out and purposeful extension of your brand and corporate culture.


Concept Design: Crafting Innovative Work Environments

At our Interior fit-out company in Dubai, our Concept Design phase in office fit out projects serves as the artistic canvas upon which the unique identity and values of a company come to life. It is the narrative we craft, a visual and functional story that not only resonates with those who inhabit the workspace but also captivates the attention of visitors. Through thoughtful design choices and a keen understanding of our client's ethos, this phase sets the stage for a workplace that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, fostering a harmonious and inspiring environment.


Visualizing the Future Workspace: Dynamic Mood Board Creation.

Our process being Interior fit out company Dubai, begins with the creation of a dynamic mood board tailored specifically for office fit outs. This visual compilation integrates images, colors, and textures that embody the desired corporate atmosphere. The mood board acts as a comprehensive visual guide, presenting an overall look and feel for the workspace.

Strategic Space Visualization: Detailed Sketches for Functional Design

In addition to the mood board, we meticulously create detailed sketches that portray various design elements within your office space. These sketches go beyond mere aesthetics, showcasing furniture arrangements, color schemes, and decorative details that contribute to an optimized and functional work environment. This strategic space visualization ensures that the proposed design not only looks impressive but also serves the practical needs of your team.

Virtual Sneak Peek: Tangible Representation of Future Space

The Concept Design phase serves as a virtual sneak peek, providing you with a tangible representation of how your office space could potentially come to life. This immersive experience allows you to visualize the proposed style, ambiance, and spatial dynamics, ensuring that it resonates with your corporate culture.

Collaborative Iterations: Tailoring Design to Your Preferences

This is a collaborative journey where your feedback plays a pivotal role. We iterate on the proposed concept, adjusting based on your preferences and expectations. Through visual experiences of the design, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the proposed office style, fostering a workspace that not only looks impressive but also aligns seamlessly with your organizational goals.

Foundation for Transformation: Paving the Way for Success

This foundational step sets the stage for subsequent phases, where the envisioned concept transforms from visuals into reality. The Concept Design phase with our interior fit-outs designers ensures that the emerging design not only meets but exceeds your expectations, creating an innovative and efficient work environment that reflects your corporate identity. The immersive experience gained during this phase provides valuable insights, paving the way for a successful office fit out project.


Materials Selection & Sampling

As passionate provider of office Interior fit-out company Dubai, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design excellence by continuously exploring innovative materials. At the heart of our design solution process is the pivotal 'Materials Selection & Sampling' phase, which exemplifies our unwavering commitment to crafting truly exceptional office environments.

Materials Selection & Sampling

With a discerning eye for aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, our team conducts a thorough evaluation of an array of materials for our office fit-out services in Dubai. We meticulously curate selections that seamlessly align with the project's vision, delving into the unique qualities of each material. Our focus on purposeful material integration ensures that each choice contributes meaningfully to the overarching design narrative.

Materials Selection & Sampling

Our emphasis on material selection within Dubai's office fit out services serves as a testament to our commitment to transcending the ordinary. By handpicking materials and providing meticulous samples, we empower our clients to make informed decisions, resulting in office interiors that not only exude comfort and style but also showcase enduring beauty.

Through this meticulous process, we aim to elevate your workspace to new heights, creating an environment that reflects innovation, sophistication, and a commitment to excellence.



Our comprehensive cost estimation process, integral to our office fit-out services in Dubai, is designed to provide a transparent overview of the financial aspects of your fit out project. We meticulously assess and analyze every facet of the project, considering factors such as materials, labor, specialized services, and any unique requirements you might have.


The cost estimation process is a key part of our commitment to delivering tailored office fitout services. It allows us to give you an accurate projection of the expenses involved in realizing your vision. By considering all elements and contingencies, we ensure the estimate is reliable for our office fitout services in Dubai.

The costs associated with an office fit out project include materials quality, fitout complexity, work scope, and additional services like procurement and project management. Furthermore, the expertise of our team in office fit- out services is crucial for success and is considered in the cost.

We align the cost estimation with your financial plans and aspirations. If necessary, we discuss adjustments to ensure your project's financial framework stays within your comfort zone. Our aim is to provide value by balancing your preferences, fit out aspirations, and budget in our office fit out services in Dubai.

In essence, the cost estimation process in our office fit-out services is a roadmap toward realizing your vision. It's comprehensive, outlining expenses and reflecting our dedication to delivering an exceptional outcome that reflects your style and enhances your workspace.


Detail Design Package:
Precision and Aesthetics


Our Detailed Design Package is the blueprint that transforms your vision into a tangible and aesthetically pleasing reality. Comprising both Interior Design (ID) and Engineering drawing services, this phase is instrumental in ensuring the flawless execution of your office fitout project.

Interior Design (ID) Package:

  • Conceptualizing Aesthetics:
  • Curated Mood Boards: Visual representations of color schemes, textures, and design elements.
  • 3D Renderings: Photorealistic depictions providing a virtual preview of the final design.
  • Floor Plans and Elevations: Detailed layouts showcasing spatial arrangements and design flow.
  • Customization and Collaboration:
  • Highly Customizable ID Package: Tailored to accommodate iterative feedback and client preferences.
  • Aesthetic Cohesion: Ensuring a seamless blend of aesthetics throughout the office space.

Engineering Drawings Package:

  • Precision in Execution:
  • Detailed Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Drawings: Technical specifications for optimal functionality.
  • Coordination of Services: Meticulously aligning various services without compromising aesthetics.
  • Compliance and Standards: Adhering to industry standards and local regulations.
  • Comprehensive Documentation for Success: A detailed roadmap for the entire fit out project.

This comprehensive Detailed Design Package serves as the roadmap for our construction phase, providing a clear and detailed guide for every aspect of the fit-outs process. It ensures that the aesthetic vision conceived during the Concept Design phase is translated into practical, functional, and compliant design elements that will define your office space.


Licensed Fit out Expertise:
Navigating Regulations


At Fajr Interiors, where we stand tall as an office Interior fit-out company in Dubai, we take the hassle out of the permits and approvals process, providing you with a stress-free experience.

Here's how we manage it:

  1. Approval Drawings Package Preparation: Within our comprehensive office fit-out services, we craft a package of design and technical drawings tailored to meet the specific requirements of facility management or master developers in Dubai.
  2. Collaborative Engagement: We engage closely with stakeholders, addressing queries and refining designs collaboratively to ensure smooth approvals within the framework of our office fitout services.
  3. NOC Acquisition: We expedite the No Objection Certificate (NOC) process through proactive follow-ups, ensuring timely approvals are a crucial aspect of our office fit-out services in Dubai.
  4. Government Authorities Interaction: Our experts liaise with government bodies, presenting all necessary documents to efficiently secure the Work Permit as part of our comprehensive office fit out services.
  5. Ensuring Compliance: We meticulously review all aspects to guarantee project compliance with Dubai’s regulations and standards in our office fit-out services.

Authorities We Are Registered With:

  • Dubai Municipality (DM)
  • Dubai Civil Defence
  • Dubai Development Authority
  • Trakhees
  • Private developers such as Nakheel, EMAAR, Dubai Properties, and more.

Trust Fajr Interiors for a seamless permits and approvals experience in our office fit out services in Dubai, allowing you to focus on the exciting aspects of your project while we handle the rest. Your dream office space is our priority, from concept to reality.


Site Construction:
Meticulous Execution for Exemplary Results

Site Construction

The construction phase is a pivotal stage where meticulous project management and execution come to the forefront. Our approach ensures a seamless transition from design to reality, overseeing various sub-services with precision and dedication.

Project Kickoff and Coordination: Comprehensive Initiatives for Synchronized Execution

At the commencement of the construction phase, we conduct a comprehensive project kickoff. This involves detailed coordination to ensure that every aspect aligns with the approved plans, including Value Added Services. Synchronized execution is the key to delivering a space that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Sub-Services Oversight: Ensuring Precision in Every Detail

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to overseeing various sub-services. Whether it's electrical installations, plumbing setups, or any specialized requirements, our team ensures that each element contributes to the overall functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Quality Control Measures: Implementing Stringent Standards for High-Quality Results

Implementing stringent quality control measures is inherent in our construction process. We adhere to the highest standards, ensuring that every detail is executed with precision, resulting in a fitout that reflects excellence in craftsmanship and durability.

Site Construction

Timely Milestone Management: Meeting Defined Timelines with Precision

Meeting milestones according to the defined timeline is a commitment we uphold. Our project management team ensures that each phase of construction progresses as planned, allowing for a smooth and efficient workflow.

Flexibility for Iterative Adjustments: Accommodating Modifications with Ease

Flexibility is key to our construction approach. We understand that projects may evolve, and we provide the flexibility for iterative adjustments to accommodate modifications. This ensures that the final result aligns seamlessly with any refinements or changes made during the construction process.

Collaboration with Sub-Contractors: Harnessing Specialized Expertise

Collaborating with specialized sub-contractors is a cornerstone of our construction phase. By bringing in expertise from various domains, we ensure that each aspect of the fitout receives specialized attention, resulting in a comprehensive and well-executed project.

Site Construction

Environmentally Conscious Construction Practices: Integrating Sustainability for an Eco-Friendly Space

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we integrate environmentally conscious construction practices. This includes the use of eco-friendly materials and construction methodologies that contribute to the creation of a greener, healthier workspace.

Real-Time Communication: Transparent Updates for Informed Decision-Making

Maintaining real-time communication is a priority throughout the construction phase. We provide transparent updates, keeping you informed of the project's progress. This ensures that you are actively involved in decision-making and have a clear understanding of each construction milestone.

Safety Protocols Adherence: Ensuring a Secure Work Environment

Adhering to strict safety protocols is non-negotiable. We prioritize the safety of all stakeholders involved in the project, ensuring a secure work environment throughout the construction process.

Adaptability to External Factors: Proactive Measures for Alignment with Value-Added Services

Proactively addressing external factors is a distinctive aspect of our construction approach. Whether it's changes in regulations or unforeseen challenges, we take measures to ensure that the construction process aligns seamlessly with the Value Added Services outlined in the overall fitout plan.

Site Construction

Embark on a transformative journey with Fajr Interiors, where meticulous planning, creative expression, technical precision, and advanced functionalities converge seamlessly. Contact us to initiate your fitout project or explore our services for a detailed overview, including our tailored Client Brief, Concept Design, and the intricacies of our Detailed Design Package.


Final Inspections:
Ensuring Perfection in Every Detail

Final Inspections: Ensuring Perfection in Every Detail

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the thoroughness of our Final Inspections. This crucial phase involves detailed checks on every aspect of the fit out, including integrated systems and Value Added Services outlined in the comprehensive design package. Key elements of this phase include:

  • Integrated Systems Evaluation: Rigorous assessment of all integrated systems to ensure optimal functionality and performance.
  • Aesthetic Alignment Check: Verify that the final fit out seamlessly aligns with the envisioned aesthetics, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing workspace.
  • Quality Assurance Review: Conducting a comprehensive review to confirm that every detail meets our stringent quality standards.
  • Client Walkthrough: Engaging clients in a walkthrough to gather feedback, address any concerns, and ensure satisfaction before project completion.

Our meticulous approach to final inspections guarantees that your fitout is not just complete but perfected to meet the highest standards.


Completion Certificates:
Compliance and Validation

Completion Certificates: Compliance and Validation

After successfully navigating the fit out journey, we obtain Completion Certificates, affirming compliance with regulations for the entire project.

These certificates mark the official validation of the project's completion and adherence to stringent standards, providing our client with the assurance of a meticulously executed office fitout.


Seamless Transition

Handover: Seamless Transition

The Handover phase marks the official transition of your space to you, with the utmost care and attention to detail. Along with the physical handover, we provide comprehensive documentation, including user guides for integrated systems and Value Added Services. This equips you to seamlessly integrate into your transformed space, maximizing its potential with confidence.

Embark on a transformative journey with a staller Interior fit-out company in Dubai, where each phase of our fit-out process is designed to exceed expectations and deliver spaces that inspire and innovate. Contact us to initiate your fit-out project or explore our services for a detailed overview, including our tailored Client Brief, Concept Design, and the intricacies of our Detailed Design Package.


Continuous Excellence:
Elevating Your Space Beyond Completion

Continuous Excellence

At Fajr Interiors, an Interior fit-out company in Dubai, our commitment to excellence doesn't stop at project completion. We strive for continuous excellence, ensuring that your space remains optimized and aligned with your evolving needs. Our team is dedicated to addressing any queries, performing necessary adjustments, and maintaining a relationship that goes beyond a singular fit-out project.

Embark on a transformative journey with Fajr Interiors, where each phase of our fit-out process is designed to exceed expectations and deliver spaces that inspire and innovate.

Contact us to initiate your office fit-out project in Dubai or explore our services for a detailed overview, including our tailored Client Brief, Concept Design, and the intricacies of our Detailed Design Package.

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