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Design Process



The space plan of an office is the key to your business. An office layout has to be both functional and efficient, providing a comfortable working environment for your staff to maximise productivity.

Concept Sketch

The interior design concept is the first impression your client’s or prospective business will take when they step in to your office. The key skill is to reflect your business activity and style in the design of your workspace.


The rendering process is the most exciting for our clients. Creating photorealistic renders allows our client to visualize exactly how the completed project will look. Thus, giving the flexibility and option to make changes to color schemes or furniture as required.


Once the design is locked in, our estimation team quantifies the materials and finishes proposed in the project. This is where we are able to value engineer the design within our client's budget.

Material Design

Concept Sketch

A white model of the concept is first created to design the overall look and feel of the space. This process gives a good approximation of the dimensions and furniture.

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Material Modeling

Materials and color schemes are then applied to the white model based on the inspiration and mood selected by our design team. This process allows us to value engineer the same design with different materials.

Concept Designs

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